About Us

Our Background


Cam Energy Sdn Bhd had its very humble beginning in 2001. It all started with a dream, with a self belief that knowledge, technology, and experience can be effectively moulded to form the backbone in providing services and goods to the oil & gas industry.

We are now recognized as an instrument & electrical service provider. Our philosophy is service before sales, service during sales and service after sales. Including installation, commissioning, start-up and training on-site.

With our years of experience in supporting the petrochemical industry, we are able to provide you with a total solution that best fits your application with safe, cost-effective and reliable systems.






We create better and more efficient products, services and ideas that are best suited for the present market.

Safety Mindset

Proactively safeguard oneself, team, environment and assets.


Undertake a specialized task and to complete them with the highest degree of accuracy.


We aim to complete a task of job as best as we could and the quality of our workmanship services speak for themselves.


We aim to support and encourage the oil & gas industry as well as the general industry in it development.

Vision & Mission


To be the trusted company in supplying goods & services in the oil & gas industry as well as the compressed air industry supplying, servicing, repairs, installation and commissioning.

To provide total quality, commitment and integrity to our customers.